Q: Are you handicap accessible?
YES. We have both handicapped parking, a handicap accessible visiting area and gift shop.

Q: Are you open year round?

A: We are mainly open during the months of October, November and December. However, with more and more requests for spring and summer we plan on having some special events throughout 2018 to enable that to happen.

Q: Are you open during the weekdays during the day?
A: We are open during the day for special group visits. Call to schedule.

Q: Do you need tickets in advance to visit the farm?

A: As of 2018, there will be both OPEN ADMISSION days (no advanced registration required) and TICKET days (advanced ticket purchase ONLINE through our website or Facebook page) so that we can better monitor the number of visitors per day. This will better enable us to provide every family with the kind of experience we want them to have without waiting in long lines to see the reindeer. See our HOME page or FACEBOOK page for schedule.
Q: Are you open if it is raining or snowing?
YES. All of the areas for visitors are covered and heated. You might need an umbrella for walking from the parking lot to one of the buildings, but the actual activities are all indoors. Even the reindeer are in the barn when greeting visitors so they stay dry too! The barn and Santa house are kept cool for the comfort of the reindeer so visitors should dress extra warm during days that are below freezing. The only time we close due to weather is if there is heavy ice or deep snow and plows are unable to clear. We post closings on our website and Facebook page.

Q: I live over an hour away. Is this worth the trip?
A: The answer to that question is too subjective for us to answer for you. Most people who love Christmas and animals really enjoy our farm. However, it might be helpful to know a few things in order to make your decision. First, there is always a line, but due to the new advanced ticket sales system we are putting in place for 2018, the wait time will be short and mostly indoors.The farm is located at our home. We are both teachers who open our home-based business for a limited number of days per year to share our reindeer with the public.

The average visit to the farm takes about an hour. The main attraction is the reindeer. You will see 2-3 inside the barn when you visit with average time in the barn being 10-15 minutes. Your time in the barn is not timed so you can stay as long as you like. The design of the barn enables you to photograph them and interact with them. Our animals are very precious to us and their happiness is our main priority. We do NOT force any of them to do anything they don’t want to. Most of the time they are very friendly and come right up to be petted and/or fed. There are also times when they smell something on a person that they don’t like (such as cigarette smoke or gasoline) and back up. There are times when children are screaming that they will back up. They sometimes get sleepy and will lay down and take a nap in the middle of things! We time our hours of operation around their natural feeding times so that they can enjoy interacting with guests while getting their usual feed. The only thing we guarantee is that you will get to meet the reindeer, learn about them from our staff and take pictures of them. The majority of visitors do pet and feed at least one of the reindeer while visiting.

Other things you can do while visiting: We have coloring and/or craft activities for kids to do while waiting, an outdoor snack bar and a cute little gift shop on site. We also have a special little house for Santa where your family can go in and take pictures with him and no extra charge.  There are also other places throughout the property for you to take fun pictures with your family including an antique sleigh. During warmer weather we have outdoor games set up for families to enjoy. Your admission fees help offset the cost of caring for the reindeer and paying for our staff so that we can be open. 

Q: Do you travel with the reindeer? Can we have you bring them to our event?
A: We will not be traveling with the reindeer at this time.

Q: Do you allow school field trips or groups to visit?
A: Yes, we do schedule a few spots for groups to visit the Reindeer Farm. These are very limited spaces and most fill by October. Click the BOOK YOUR EVENT button on the home page to reserve your spot.

Things to do in an around Canton:

Canton is a quaint town with around 13,500 people. We have a lovely historic downtown located less than 10 minutes from the reindeer farm.


Peoria River Front - Peoria, IL has kid-friendly museums, shopping and restaurants. This is approximately 35 minutes from Snowman's Reindeer Farm
Peoria River Front


Dress in layers. Our buildings are covered and heated but the barn where the reindeer are located is kept cool.

Fridays are the least busy during the Christmas season.

Most visitors are here approximately an hour. However, lines vary depending on the day. To prevent excessive waiting, we limit the number of visitors for most of the time slots we are open.

Restroom: We have a handicap accessible Porta Potty

Parking is on gravel and grass with uneven surfaces.  Bring a stroller if needed for little ones. All areas are lit.

We take cash, credit cards (including American Express) and debit cards.

We have outdoor and indoor seating. However, during high traffic parts of the season, there is very limited indoor seating so that we can get as many people inside the Visitor Center as possible.

GPS isn't always accurate. Look for the blue reflective tourism signs directing you to Snowman's Reindeer Farm - all located within 1 mile of the farm. Look for our SIGNS - Main Entrance

Stay in Canton's Beautiful Boutique Hotel:  Harvester Inn


  • CHARTER BUS/SCHOOL BUS GROUPS WELCOME by Appointment - PLEASE CALL for a special appointment time (We cannot accommodate large bus parking during our regular public hours.)
  • Admission includes reindeer admission and any art activities available for kids (these change weekly).
  • Take your own pictures throughout the farm, including with Santa.
  • We also offer seasonal snacks and drinks at an extra charge.
  • We take all debit and credit cards including American Express


All visitors must SANITIZE HANDS AND FEET before entering reindeer barn. Sanitize hands again after feeding reindeer. Sanitizing stations are positioned throughout the property.


No climbing, horseplay, running, pets or outside Food, smoking or vaping, entry after hours, unsupervised feeding of animals.

When inside the barn visiting the animals: Keep your head behind the fence at all times so you don’t accidentally get knocked in the face by an antler.

You can touch and pet the reindeer including gently touching the antlers. Please don’t poke their eyes or pull their antlers. You can feed the reindeer, but only with the food we provide. Please don’t throw objects into the pen.  We do not force our animals to do anything they don’t want to do. If they are sleepy or shy, we don’t force them to get up or move toward you. Most of the time they willingly interact with visitors and enjoy the contact. Occasionally they smell or sense something they don’t like and will back up. They also do not respond well to yelling or screaming, so keep in mind that gentle inside voices will improve your opportunities for interaction. The happiness of our animals is our top priority so we let them interact with you in their own way. Our staff will talk to you about them and help you learn about the many unique aspects of reindeer as you watch, observe, interact and take pictures of them. You may also ask any staff member to take a picture for you. We reserve the right to refuse service or ask anyone to leave the property who is not following the farm rules, being abusive to the animals or staff or is disrupting the operations of the farm in any way with their behavior.


Snowman's Reindeer Farm in Canton, IL

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