Snowman's Reindeer Farm in Canton, IL

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Spend the weekend: Stay in Canton's Beautiful Boutique Hotel:  Harvester Inn

Things to do in and around Canton:

Canton is a quaint town with around 13,500 people. We have a lovely HISTORIC DOWNTOWN located less than 10 minutes from the reindeer farm. There are a number of beautiful boutiques and shops to make your visit extra special.

East Peoria, IL and Peoria Riverfront: kid-friendly museums, shopping and restaurants. This is approximately 35 minutes from Snowman's Reindeer Farm

Peoria River Front

East Peoria Parade of Lights

The Abraham Lincoln Sites are Located in Springfield, IL

Approx. 1 hour 15 minutes from Snowman's Reindeer Farm
Lincoln Sites

Farmer Scott and Farmer Tracy LOCAL FAVORITES


Monical's Pizza (Canton)

Bistro 101 (downtown Canton)

Gill's Supper Club (Hanna City)

Shopping in Downtown Canton:

Crawford's Home Furnishings

Crow Hollow and Black Crow Candle Company

Di's Boutique

Fuller's Jewelry

Mel's Sporting Goods

The Sweet Shoppe


Q: Do you need reservations?

A: You only need reservations for December 19-24, 2020.

Q: Are you handicap accessible?
YES. We have both handicapped parking, handicap accessible porta potties and all buildings are handicap accessible.

Q: Are you open year round?

A: We are mainly open during the months of November and December. However, we do have a few special events in the spring, summer and fall. These events are posted on our website and Facebook page.

Q: Are you open during the weekdays during the day?
A: We are open during the day for special group visits only. These time slots are very limited and all are booked for 2019.

Q: Do you need tickets in advance to visit the farm?

A: As of 2018, there will be both OPEN ADMISSION days (no advanced registration required) and RESERVATION ONLY days (advanced ticket purchase ONLINE through our website or Facebook page)  See HOURS AND EVENTS page.

Q: Why are your hours so limited?

A: Our hours are limited for one very simple reason: our animal's well-being. We carefully schedule our hours around their normal feeding times. We have found that their attention span is about 2 hours. After that, they get sleepy and take a nap. Our priority is their happiness and welfare, so all decisions revolve around what is best for them.

Q: Are you open during the weekdays?

A: We are not open during the day as owners Scott & Tracy Snowman provide full-time daycare for their grandchildren. All employees are either students or adults who work full-time at other jobs during the day, so there is no one available to open the farm during the weekdays.

Q: Why do you charge admission to the farm?

A: The expenses related to running any farm are substantial. However, reindeer are particularly expensive in their care and maintenance. Our veterinary bills alone can range from $300-$3,500 per month. We provide our animals with the very best medical care and spare no expense with testing and monitoring their health. The veterinarians at Spoon River Animal Clinic in Canton are fantastic and are a key part of keeping our herd healthy. Reindeer are picky eaters and we have to truck their special feed to our farm from several hours away. We buy as much as we from local sources, but given the specialized nature of their diet, it isn't always easy. Some other aspects of our expenses that tend to cost a significant amount on an annual basis are: equipment, insurance, staff/payroll, heating, cooling, water and general maintenance of pastures and structures. The amount we make on admission does not cover all costs, but it does help to offset the expense of our operation.
Q: Are you open if it is raining or snowing?
A: YES. All of the areas for visitors are covered and most are heated. You might need an umbrella for walking from the parking lot or between buildings, but the actual activities are all indoors. Even the reindeer are in the barn when greeting visitors so they stay dry too! Indoor animal exhibit areas are kept cool for the comfort of the reindeer so visitors should dress extra warm during days that are below freezing. The only time we close due to weather is if there is heavy ice or deep snow and plows are unable to clear. We post closings on our website and Facebook page.

Q: I live over an hour away. Is this worth the trip?
A: The answer to that question is too subjective for us to answer for you. Most people who love Christmas and animals really enjoy our farm. However, it might be helpful to know a few things in order to make your decision. First, there is always a line and we don't always know which days are going to be the busiest. Generally warm, clear Saturdays and Sundays are the high traffic days. The farm is located at our home. We are both retired teachers who open our home-based business for a limited number of days per year to share our reindeer with the public. We try to provide people with a valuable experience when they visit. A family of 4 can visit for approximately $28.00 during the Christmas season and make memories that will last a lifetime. A trip to a movie theater in Peoria would be about the same cost, if not more.  We believe the experience you get at Snowman's Reindeer Farm is unique and memorable for people of all ages and walks of life. (AND....our snacks are a LOT cheaper than the movie theater!)

Q: How long does it take to go through the farm?

A: The average visit to the farm takes 60-90 minutes if you take your time and go through all of the stations. The main attraction is the reindeer. Our animals are in various locations inside the farm and visitors can see them both indoors and out.

Q: Can we take pictures of the reindeer?

A. The design of our farm enables you to photograph our reindeer and take fun pictures throughout the property.  However, we do NOT force any of our reindeer to do anything they don’t want to. Our animals are very precious to us and their happiness is our main priority.

Q: Can we bring in a professional photographer to take pictures of our family at your farm? (or I am a professional photographer. Can I schedule photo sessions at your farm?)
A. We do not allow professional photography to be done on our property unless it is specifically for a publication or advertising campaign, guided by us (the owners). Also, our daughter is a professional photographer and maintains exclusive shooting rights to the farm for family sessions. These are done when we are closed to the public so the picture spots are not tied up. Many people do come together as a family and take casual photos in the many picture spots around the property. If you ask an employee to take the picture with your phone, they will do that. We just don't want anyone tying up the property with a professional photographer posing and taking photos.

Q: Will we get to pet and feed the reindeer?

A: Most of the time they are very friendly and come right up to be petted and/or fed. There are also times when they smell something on a person that they don’t like (such as cigarette smoke or gasoline) and back up. There are times when children are screaming that they will back up. They sometimes get sleepy and will lay down and take a nap in the middle of things! We time our hours of operation around their natural feeding times so that they can enjoy interacting with guests while getting their usual feed. The only thing we guarantee is that you will get to meet the reindeer, learn about them from our staff and take pictures of them. The majority of visitors do pet and feed at least one of the reindeer while visiting.
Q: What else is there to do at the farm?

A: Other things you can do while visiting: Our visitor center features educational information about reindeer with pictures and fun facts. We have coloring and/or craft activities for kids to do while waiting, an outdoor snack bar and a cute little gift shop on site. We have the beautiful Holly Jolly Barn for Santa and one of his reindeer where your family can go in and take pictures with him and no extra charge (mid-November thru Christmas only).  For an additional charge of $3 per person (some weight and height restrictions apply) small visitors can ride the Little Reindeer Railway. There are also other places throughout the property for you to take fun pictures with your family including an antique sleigh. We have antler sheds you can touch and take pictures with. When weather permits, we have outdoor games set up for families to enjoy.
Q: Do you travel with the reindeer? Can we have you bring them to our event?
A: We are not traveling with our reindeer at this time.
Q: Do you allow school field trips or groups to visit?
A: Due to time constraints of the owner's and employees, no weekday or group tours are available for 2020.