Kringle (Born 4/17/17) is the resident trouble maker at our farm. He is the "WILD CHILD". He can be unpredictable and moody. He is the only silver colored reindeer in the herd with bright white markings inside his ears, around his eyes, nose and feet. He sometimes irritates the other reindeer due to his abundant enthusiasm!  Kringle is also the star character in the 2020 children's book titled REINDEER RUCKUS by Scott and Tracy Snowman.

Mistletoe (Born 5/1/16) It appears that Mistletoe thinks she is a HUMAN. She likes people better than the other reindeer and can have a bit of an attitude. She broke off one of Kringle's antlers in the fall of 2017 because she got mad about him getting into her pen! Her mate is Snowball and she is mother to Sugar Plum and Griswold. She is very petite and ladylike in her movements. She is very gentle with children and is the favorite reindeer for many visitors.

NEW in 2020: THREE REINDEER BABIES arrived via FedEx Cargo (Santa was too busy this time of year to drop them off) from Fairbanks, Alaska). Left to Right: Marshmallow(Born May 14, 2020), Kluger(Born 4/17/20), and Cocoa(Born 3/28/20) will establish a secondary herd at Snowman's Reindeer Farm. These babies will be a completely different blood line as our others and be generally larger in size. Marshmallow is the friendliest of the three, but all are curious and interested when visitors come to call.

Jingle & Jangle are mini donkeys and a great part of the farm family. They were born in 2017 and are half-sisters. They love attention and are very patient with children. Their sweetness and soft fur make them a favorite with little ones.

Snowball (Born 4/27/16) is the most affectionate of our male reindeer. He loves being touched and talked to. He is naturally curious and constantly getting into things. He is always there to "help" when you are trying to get things done! Snowball also loves to give people kisses if they get close enough. Snowball is currently the breeding bull in our herd and is father to Sugar Plum (2018) and Griswold (2019) During breeding season he becomes very protective of Mistletoe and will sometimes grunt at you if you get too close.

Sugar Plum (Born 4/30/18) is the FIRST reindeer born at Snowman's Reindeer Farm. Born April 30, 2018. Owner, Scott Snowman, actually caught her when she was born right in the barn. She has been partially raised in the house due to mama, Mistletoe, not having any milk. Sugar Plum is spunky and not particularly fond of visitors. Her favorite human is Farm owner Scott Snowman.  Griswold (Born 4/30/19) was born to Snowball and Mistletoe on April 30, 2019. Gizzy was "mom-raised" meaning that Mistletoe had milk and nursed him rather than being bottle fed by humans. He is a BIG boy, breaking previous farm records for weight, height and antler growth for a baby. His friendly, outgoing personality makes him a favorite with visitors. He is named after the Snowman's favorite character in their favorite Christmas movie: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

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