1989: Scott and Tracy Snowman began doing freelance graphic design, murals and sign work out of their home in Springfield, IL. The couple moved back to their hometown of Canton, IL in the summer of 1989 after finishing their first master’s degrees at Sangamon State University (now University of Illinois at Springfield) majoring in Art and Children’s Literature.

 1993: The Snowman's built a home near Canton Lake in the summer of 1993. This location was designed to include space for the corporate office as well as studios for painting, drawing, signs and murals.

2009-2011: Tracy and Scott Snowman met Mr. Bill Cook of Bloomington, IN for the first time. They were commissioned to paint four large murals for installation on the south side of Fulton Square (JCPenney building). The murals were completed in the summer of 2010 and dedicated in September. Later in 2011, the Cook group commissioned the couple again to create a 14’x20’ mural to be installed behind the new boutique hotel being built near the square in downtown Canton.

2011: Snowman Studios became Snowman Studios Inc. as of January 1, 2011 with Tracy Snowman as President and Scott Snowman as Vice-President. In July of 2011 the Snowman’s purchased 35 South Main (which also includes 35 ½ South Main) and began renovations on the one-story building. Snowman Studios Gallery, opened on November 10 with a private showing for family and friends. The first regular day of business was Friday, November 11 (11/11/11). The Canton Chamber of Commerce grand opening was held on Tuesday, November 15.

 2015: The corporation purchased two reindeer in August of 2015. The new venture expanded Snowman Studios Inc. into agricultural tourism with the goal being to bring more people into Fulton County to shop and explore. Snowman’s Reindeer Farm is a seasonal part of the company located at the corporate office, 25599 East Middle Lake Road.

2016: The Reindeer Barn was improved with concrete floors, wall and a gas heater. The Gift Shop was constructed in summer 2016.

2017: Due to rapid growth of the sign and mural services, the downtown gallery was closed and the gift shops were consolidated to enable the owners more time to spend on art production as well as the reindeer farm. Four new reindeer were acquired during the summer of 2017 following the tragic loss of the first two reindeer in March due to an outbreak of Lyme Disease. Snowman's Reindeer Farm underwent massive changes in operations to reduce parasite exposure and improve the safety of the animals. The Flying Reindeer Snack Bar was added in the summer of 2017 and the Santa House was constructed in the fall.

2018: The FIRST reindeer was born at Snowman's Reindeer Farm: Miss Sugar Plum Snowman was born to Snowball and Mistletoe on April 30. She had a very rocky start and had to live in the house for the first 3 weeks of her life to be bottle fed around the clock due to her mama not having any milk. Sugar Plum, though very small, grew healthy and strong by fall and was the absolute star of the show by the Christmas season. The barn shaped Ticket Booth and 8' tall perimeter fence with gates was added in the summer of 2018.

2019: The SECOND reindeer was born at Snowman's Reindeer Farm: Griswold Snowman (Grizzy). Grizzy was a bit larger than Sugar Plum and mama Mistletoe had milk, so Grizzy is a mom-raised baby, yet still very friendly due to the attention he gets on a daily basis. Two mini-donkey's were added in March: Jingle and Jangle (sisters). Construction projects in 2019 include: The Holly Jolly Barn, Little Reindeer Railway (depot and kiddie train) and an expanded Reindeer Barn.

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Snowman Studios Inc. is primarily a service-based company that provides artistic services and entertainment to central Illinois. Snowman Studios Inc. is the parent corporation of Snowman's Reindeer Farm. You can read the information below to learn more about our company.

Snowman Studios Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Educational Institution and EEO/Affirmative Action Employer committed to excellence through diversity.  Employment offers are made on the basis of qualifications, and without regard to race, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation.


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