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Snowman's Reindeer Farm in Canton, IL

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OUR MISSION: To promote CHRISTMAS SPIRIT in our community. By helping others learn about and enjoy Santa's reindeer, we can celebrate the sweet innocence of childhood and the magic of the season all year long.

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: It is simple. We love kids. We love animals. Our last name is SNOWMAN and we love everything about Christmas! We also donate a portion of our proceeds to local charities. Our favorite is the Fulton County Animal Shelter.

"Our hearts are full of gratitude for the warm welcome we have received from so many people who support what we are trying to do with our beautiful reindeer.  In our efforts to share the reindeer with our community, schools, nursing homes and other organizations, we have had many people ask how they can contribute. It is out of these requests that we have added this donation page to our website. We use the admission fees, exhibition fees, gift shop proceeds and donations to develop this holiday venue and take care of the reindeer. If you want to donate, we welcome your participation as it will enable us to do and offer more.  We will continue to update all of you on the adventures of Klaus and Nutmeg through our website and Facebook page as well as keep you informed of activities and visiting hours."

Sincerely, Scott and Tracy Snowman