The Abraham Lincoln Sites are Located in Springfield, IL - 1 hour 15 minutes from Snowman's Reindeer Farm
Lincoln Sites

Things to do in an around Canton:

Canton is a quaint town with around 13,500 people. We have a lovely historic downtown located less than 10 minutes from the reindeer farm.

Peoria River Front - Peoria, IL has kid-friendly museums, shopping and restaurants. This is approximately 35 minutes from Snowman's Reindeer Farm
Peoria River Front


Dress in layers. Our buildings are covered and heated but the barn where the reindeer are located is kept cool.

Fridays are the least busy.

There are less visitors at the end of the day than at the start.

Most visitors are here approximately an hour. However, lines vary depending on the day with wait times of 1-2 hours or more when busy.

Restroom: We have a handicap accessible Porta Potty

Parking is on gravel and grass with uneven surfaces.  Bring a stroller if needed for little ones. All areas are lit.

We take cash, credit cards (including American Express) and debit cards.

We have outdoor and indoor seating. However, during high traffic parts of the season, there is very limited indoor seating so that we can get as many people inside the Visitor Center as possible.

GPS isn't always accurate. Look for the blue reflective tourism signs directing you to Snowman's Reindeer Farm - all located within 1 mile of the farm. Look for our SIGNS - Main Entrance

Stay in Canton's Beautiful Boutique Hotel:  Harvester Inn

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Snowman's Reindeer Farm in Canton, IL