Snowman's Reindeer Farm in Canton, IL

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It all began in ART CLASS…

 Scott and Tracy Snowman met in Mr. Snowman’s Art Class (Scott’s Dad) their senior year of high school where they became great friends. They started dating in the fall of that year and have been side by side ever since. The couple went through college together, majored in Art Education and have been teaching for over 30 years. While illustrating their first children’s book in 2011 called ‘Twas the Night Before a Green Christmas they discovered that there was very little resource material to work from while trying to illustrate reindeer for the book. That was the first time Scott said, “Maybe we should just get our own reindeer so we have plenty of access to them for making more children’s books!” Although Tracy considered it just a funny comment at the time, Scott actually began doing research about reindeer.  Having been involved in farming his entire life, Scott was fascinated by the unique qualities of the animals and determined it would be a perfect fit for two people who love Christmas and have a last name that befits winter perfectly. After 4 years of research and being on waiting lists, Klaus and Nutmeg came to live at the farm in September of 2015. After procuring their USDA Exhibitor’s License in November of that year, the couple opened the doors of their home, literally, to visitors. Several thousand people came to visit that first season and the farm’s reputation has continued to grow since. Now a full-blown family affair, there are a total of 11 family members involved with farm operations and they employ another 8-10 people to assist.

 “I really thought he was nuts when I realized he was serious about getting reindeer, but despite my objections he won me over by taking me to visit a herd of reindeer babies. He knows that is my weak spot! After that I was hooked and we both found out pretty quickly that this is what we have always been destined to do. A few weeks into the first season Scott said, ‘If you think about it, there really isn’t anything we could do that would be more perfect for us.  We love kids. We love teaching. We love animals and we love Christmas. This is all of what we love rolled into one perfect package!’ He was absolutely right and because of his crazy reindeer idea, we get to live Christmas every day of the year!”

Tracy Snowman



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